Protest leaders say they'll continue their demonstration until their demands are met. (photo credit: RFE/RL) Thousands rally in Armenia against plan to change constitution to retain president's power
2 December 2015
Protester against electricity price increases,Yerevan, July 2015. (photo credit: Photolure News Agency) Op-Ed: Post-democracy in Armenia? How the new Constitution will depoliticize Armenian society
30 November 2015
Armenian parliament building (photo credit: Wikimedia) Armenian president sets referendum date for constitutional reform to a parliamentary republic
9 October 2015
Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan and Russian President Vladimir Putin [photo credit: Vestnik Kavkaza] Op-Ed: Constitutional Reforms in Armenia: 'Yes' front, 'No' front, and external players
2 October 2015
Armenia: Parliamentary model of government chosen in final draft concept of constitutional reforms – expert
9 September 2014